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Tanya Heath + Sinders Bridal

Welcome to your world of Tanya Heath Paris, right outside of Ottawa at Sinders Bridal House.

If you haven’t heard, Tanya Heath Paris shoes are back in Canada! And what better pairing could you find than a popular bridal boutique in a beautiful Victorian mansion, and incredibly innovative shoes with removable heels that combine practicality with fashion?

We couldn’t be happier to host Tanya Heath Paris (Canada) and to be able to offer these gorgeous shoes, boots, and removable heels to our fellow Canadians. Not only are they beautiful, but they allow you to create so many different different looks to match any occasion without having to invest in hundreds of pairs of shoes. The concept is honestly amazing, and the styles will fit perfectly into your current wardrobe.

About Sinders Bridal

Sinders Bridal was established over 30 years ago and has been the place to find your wedding gown in Ottawa for decades.

Amazing customer service and dedication to quality have ensured that brides who come through our doors leave with the most memorable experience, and the wedding gown of their dreams.

Now we want to do that for you and help you find the shoes of your dreams!

Sinders Bridal House | Tanya Heath Canada

About Tanya Heath

Tanya was born and raised in Ottawa. She then moved to France to enter the world of fashion, where she created the removable heel concept and design with Tanya Heath Paris.

She worked for years making sure that the pain she felt from walking on cobblestone streets in high heels was something that could be avoided by all women. She can be quoted as saying that no woman should ever be held back in her career by uncomfortable heels.

In today's world where women round out their day as career-woman, spouse, mother, partner, and everything in between, we deserve a shoe that changes with our needs. It's a fashion innovation that has it's roots in the real-life need to find more comfort in your shoes while still enjoying the beauty of fashion.

Canadian-born herself; with a backstory covering years of hard work on a new concept for shoes, a discussion with a Shark Tank investor, and a beautifully made European product, Tanya was looking for a new location to house her collections in Canada. She came to us with a dedicated following of Canadians whom we’ve recently connected with and thank profusely for their continued dedication! Then, after quite a few chats, a personal trial of her shoes (because who could resist!), and a new display area created to properly showcase the beauty of these shoes, a partnership was born.  

Tanya Heath | Tanya Heath Canada

Visit Tanya Heath Paris (Canada)

If you’re located within driving distance of the Ottawa Valley then we can’t wait to meet you in person, and help you find the newest addition to your every day wardrobe.

If you can’t make it out to see us in person then we look forward to meeting you virtually and providing you with the help you need to comfortably navigate choosing your new boots and shoes through our site  

Give it a try - I promise you’ll fall in love with each new pair just like we did!

Shop for shoes with removable heels now!

Head over to the eShop now to shop for shoes and removable heels from Tanya Heath Paris (Canada). Or, if you aren't seeing what you're looking for try Tanya Heath U.S. - Sally would love to hear from you :)