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Sizing Guide


Sizing Guide | Tanya Heath Shoes


Tanya Heath has fitted hundreds of women over the years. It sometimes seems that our feet are every bit as unique as a snowflake, which makes buying the right size shoe online challenging. We hope after this advice you don’t find it daunting.

Picking the right size for your Tanya Heath shoe

Please consider the following when buying shoes and heels on-line.

  1. Consult the international sizing guide, which should give you general size equivalents for where you live. At Tanya Heath Canada, we use European sizes. Fit can vary depending on the shoe.
  2. Look at the product information. If we feel that the fit of a model is somehow different from standard European fit we will let you know there.
  3. If you are still in doubt, write to customer service at and ask for expert advice.
  4. Some women tell us that they only wear a certain style of shoe. This may be because there is something unique about their foot that pushes them in one stylistic direction. To minimize risk when ordering online, sometimes it’s better to stick to tried and true styles.
  5. We will not let you make a mistake with heels. If you have chosen heels that are in a size range that is non-compatible with the shoe you have chosen, customer service will contact you before shipping to see if you are sure about your choice.
  6. Don’t worry! If you choose the wrong size/fit you can always send the shoe back. We will exchange it no questions asked as long as it has never been worn!


Don't hesitate to contact us at Our team would be happy to help answer any questions you may have about our Tanya Heath shoes.