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Changing Heels

If you're a current owner and lover of Tanya Heath Paris shoes, then you know how this amazing and innovative heel design works. If you're new to us, new to Tanya Heath Paris, and new to shoes with removable heels, then we'll walk you through the process on this page.

How to work your Tanya Heath shoes

Inside your new pair of shoes you'll find the beautiful gold Tanya Heath Paris logo and a gold sunburst embossed on the insole where your heel will rest. You'll see a black circle inside the sunburst, that's the cover for the release mechanism.

Step 1: Removing the heel

Hold the shoe in one hand and the heel in your other hand. Place your thumb over the black circle, and press down firmly - your thumb will press down into the sole. This will release the heel, allowing you to pull the it straight back and off the shoe.

Removing a Heel | Tanya Heath Canada

Step 2: Replacing the heel

Replacing the heel is even easier. No need to press the button, all you have to do is slide the new heel into place from the back of the shoe toward the front. Just make sure you hear the click to know that your heels are locked into place. Pull back on the heel to be sure that they are locked and you're good to go!

Replacing a Heel | Tanya Heath Canada


If you still have questions, the team at Tanya Heath Paris (Canada) would be more than happy to help.

Reach out by email at, or call Sinders Bridal House at 613-253-0039. There will always be someone available to walk you through the heel attachment process, or match your new pair of shoes with the best colours or heels.

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