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About the Tanya Heath Paris shoes

Why should I own shoes with removable heels?

So many reasons! From comfort, to fashion, to cost-savings, owning a pair of Tanya Heath shoes is an investment in a new movement in sustainable fashion. Check out our blog post “Why Buy Shoes with Removable Heelsl?” to learn about all the reasons you should add these shoes to your wardrobe.

Where are Tanya Heath Paris shoes made?

Tanya Heath shoes and heels are ethically designed in France. The shoes are then made in Portugal, while the heels are made in France. Tanya Heath is a brand that you can feel good about supporting.

How does an interchangeable heel work?

The mechanism designed by Tanya Heath allows your heels to slide on when you push the heels into place. Once locked, the removable heel won't come off again until you push the button inside the sole of the shoe. The release button is seated down inside the sole so you won't know it's there until you push down onto it. For a better look at how it works, check out our Changing Heels page.

Picking the right product

How do I choose heels to match my shoes?

If you're worried, we encourage you to start with a neutral heel like black, white, or blue. From there, expand to a flat matte or glossy heel in a contrasting colour to your shoe (i.e. a red heel on a black boot). If you have questions, we would be more than happy to help colour match and make suggestions. Just reach out by phone or email. Our team is standing by the help.

How do I know what size I wear?

We work off of European sizing, but if you look at our Sizing Guide you will see the conversion to Canadian sizing. As a general rule of thumb, Tanya Heath Paris shoes do fit small or narrow so it is safer to go up a half size for open-toed shoes, and a half to full size for closed-toed.

Where can I go to try on my next pair of Tanya Heath Paris shoes?

We are fully set up so you can purchase your new pair of Tanya Heath shoes or heels online. But, if you're new to Tanya Heath, or if you're in our area and would be more comfortable trying them on, then please make an appointment with one of our stylists at Sinders Bridal House. Located just outside of Ottawa you'll love the one-on-one attention and guidance they will provide.

The item I want is out of stock. What do I do now?

We are always ordering new stock so let us know what you are looking for. We might be able to bring it in for your quickly, or we might have it arriving in an upcoming shipment and will be able to give you an expected timeline for their arrival.

Shipping & payment

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Google Pay. You can also choose to contact us directly then call in with a credit card, or use e-transfer payment.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will arrive to you within 3-10 business days. For a comprehensive look at our shipping policy click here.

How do I redeem a discount code?

At the time of checkout, a line will appear where you can enter your discount code. If there are currently no discounts available this line will not be visible.


My item is the wrong size. What do I do?

If there are any problems with your order please reach out to us. If your item is unworn then you can exchange it for the correct size. Read our full Exchange and Refund policy for all the details.