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About Us

A Shoe For Every Occasion.

When life is so busy, we shouldn't we have to carry around multiple pairs of shoes so that we can change when we get to work, change after work, change when we want to go out for the evening. You have enough to remember to bring with you as is!

That's where we come in - partnering with Tanya Heath Paris - to bring you the comfort of a shoe that you can wear all day, with the styling ability of changing your heels to suit any occasion! 


Where is this changeable heel from?!

The beauty of this concept is that it was created by a Canadian woman who grew up right in our area! After moving to Paris and being immersed in fashion she came up with this concept so that she could combine comfort and style, and so your shoes can always match your outfits without a huge investment of multiple pairs of shoes. Tanya has always aimed for a sustainable fashion in her business and it's one of the reasons we loved her shoes and had to have them! Besides - we might have a slight shoe obsession ourselves ;)

We want this brand to be the catalyst for the change that can come to the fashion world, where you don't have to give up the look, or the style, you want to have. But we don't have to impact the environment with poor manufacturing processes either.

With shoes made in Portugal, and heels made in Paris, we're bringing styles directly to you from fashion capitals of the world. These shoes and heels have even been seen on runways at Paris fashion week. So let's bring some of that fashion straight here to Canada and with a pop of different so you can change the heel height and colour as you choose to suit whatever you need to do in your busy life!