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Why Buy Shoes with Removable Heels?

Posted by Meghan Lavergne on
Shoes with Removable Heels | Tanya Heath Canada

Well for one -- who doesn’t want more options in their fashion?! But in all seriousness, it’s an incredible concept that has so many plus sides. Shoes with removable heels from Tanya Heath are becoming the next big thing in shoe fashion and there are so many reasons why.

Being in the fashion industry, I won’t lie, one of the biggest draws for us is the fact that you can buy a simple yet fashionable shoe and you can mix and match the heel to suit your outfit every day. You get so many options in just one shoe.

One, day you want the tried and true full black shoe and heel, then just click on a matte or patent black heel. The next day, you want to show something a little funkier, then spice it up with a full rainbow sparkle, or a patent red heel. The sky is really the limit with the pairings you can create, and we couldn’t love this idea more. Who needs a mood ring when you have removable heels to match your mood!

Here are four reasons you’ll love shoes with removable heels from Tanya Heath Canada.

1. Shoes with removable heels are good for the environment

In addition to being a fashion Swiss army knife, it’s also better for the environment to wear shoes with removable heels. You can still have the selection of shoes to cover every aspect of your daily life, but without the need to have a separate pair of shoes for each.

Invest in a more quality pump, boot, and sandal, then use the ability to change the colour and the height of your removable heels to cover everything you might need. You also have vegan options so you can enjoy the innovation, comfort, and beauty of these shoes while knowing that no harm was caused in the creation of your shoes.

No adding to consumerism and no carrying around 20 pairs of shoes in your car, or keeping a wardrobe at your office. You can do it all with an extra set of heels that fit right into your purse.

2. Shoes with removable heels save space

And let’s add that to the list too… you save space in your closet (wherever your closet might be, since I know a lot of us keep extra shoes at the office!). When you only have to invest in a few great pairs of shoes with removable heels, then you save so much space, and don’t have to worry that you bought this pair or that pair to go with a specific outfit.

3. They’re expertly made in Portugal and France

Did I mention that these shoes are made in Portugal, and the removable heels are made in France?

Not only can we say that our shoes are ethically made, but we know about the workers. We’ve spoken to Tanya Heath about them, and heard about their lives and their backstories. In this current situation, we’ve even heard about how a COVID world has affected them personally. We are a very family-oriented business, and knowing about the individuals who handcraft these shoes is very important to us.

4. Save your feet with shoes with interchangeable heels

Of course, we saved the best for last. No more sore feet!

Our Tanya Heath shoes are amazing on their own. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that high heeled shoes can be so comfortable. Being able to change out the removable heel on your shoes while you’re on the go will save your feet from the aches and pains of being in the same shoes all day and possibly all night too.

Say you can happily wear a couple inch heel all day, but do you commute to work? It would be so much more comfortable to use your short Christophe heels to commute to work. Then on your way home you have errands to run - back into the Christophe heel to give your feet a break after a full day in your Denis or Daniel removable heels. Or you don’t have time to go home in between a day at the office and that party you’re invited to. Throw a pair of Damien or Francois in your purse and you’re set to show off your sexy side.

If all of these reasons haven’t convinced you by now, then you’ll have to come try them for yourself. With a variety of pumps, sandals, and boots to try, plus so many heels, you’ll have trouble choosing.

Shop for shoes with removable heels now!

Head over to the eShop now to shop for shoes and removable heels from Tanya Heath Canada. Or, book an appointment with us to come see the shoes with removable heels in person!

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