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Tanya Heath Shoes are Now Available in Canada through Sinders Bridal!

Posted by Meghan Lavergne on
Tanya Heath Shoes are Now Available in Canada through Sinders Bridal!

Hello world! And a special hello to fans of Tanya Heath shoes across Canada.

To our current followers. To the Tanya Heath followers - present and future. To everyone who knows and loves the concept of interchangeable heels. And to everyone who doesn’t: welcome and follow along. I’ll explain!

As an introduction to us, if you haven’t heard, Tanya Heath shoes are back in Canada and we couldn’t be more excited! From a crazy six degrees of separation these incredible shoes have found a new home just outside of Ottawa at Sinders Bridal House. Because what better pairing could you find than a popular bridal boutique in a beautiful Victorian mansion, and incredibly innovative shoes that combines practicality with fashion?

About Sinders Bridal

Sinders Bridal was established over 30 years ago and has been the place to find your wedding gown in Ottawa for decades. Amazing customer service and dedication to quality have ensured that brides who come through our doors leave with the most memorable experience, and the wedding gown of their dreams.


Sinders Bridal House Ottawa | Tanya Heath Canada Blog

About Tanya Heath

Tanya Heath herself was born and raised in Ottawa, and our hometown connection became apparent through a mutual friend on Facebook. With a backstory covering years of hard work on a new concept for shoes, a discussion with a Shark Tank investor, and a beautifully made European product, Tanya was looking for a new location to house her collections in Canada.

She came to us with a dedicated following of Canadians whom we’ve recently connected with and thank profusely for their continued dedication! Then, after quite a few chats, a personal trial of her shoes (because who could resist!), and a new display area created to properly showcase the beauty of these shoes, a partnership was born.


Tanya Heath | Tanya Heath Canada Blog


We couldn’t be happier to have Tanya Heath with us and to be able to offer these gorgeous shoes, boots, and removable heels to our fellow Canadians. Not only are they beautiful, but they create such a wonderful ability to match any occasion, and allow you so many different looks without investing in hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Visit us at Tanya Heath Canada

If you’re located within driving distance of the Ottawa Valley then we can’t wait to meet you in person, and help you find the newest addition to your every day wardrobe. If you can’t make it out to see us in person then we look forward to meeting you virtually and providing you with the help you need to comfortably navigate choosing your new boots and shoes through our site

The concept is incredible, the styles will fit perfectly into your current fashion, and the comfort you have to try to believe. I am not a high-heel person, you’ll often find me barefoot, but I guarantee I love these shoes and can wear them for hours.

Give it a try - I promise you’ll fall in love with each new pair just like we did!

Shop Tanya Heath shoes now!

Can’t wait to see what Tanya Heath has to offer? Head over to our eShop to browse our latest collected of Tanya Heath shoes.

Want to see them in person? Book an appointment today! We’d be happy to help you find the perfect shoe for every occasion.

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