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Picking the Right Heel for Your Bridal Shoe: Your Guide

Posted by Meghan Lavergne on
Picking the Right Heel for Your Bridal Shoe: Your Guide

Searching for the perfect bridal shoes is just as important as looking for your perfect wedding gown. With many options to choose from, we are left with having to decide between flats, kitten heels, stilettos or pumps.

Having the option to wear the same shoe but go from a stiletto to a kitten heel is Tanya Heath Paris’ perfect solution. Have everything you need in your one pair of bridal shoes! These statement shoes are perfect for having a comfortable fashionable shoe, while adding your own unique pizazz with a statement heel.

Choosing your look

When choosing a wedding shoe, it’s helpful to know the most common styles. These include:

  • Pumps
  • Sandals
  • Booties

Let’s look at the benefits of wedding shoe style.

A pump is a classic shoe that will be with you from your wedding day to your office party and every holiday family get-together. You will always look stylish and classy with a great pump and a fun heel for each occasion.


Wedding Pump | Tanya Heath Canada


A strappy sandal is a great look for a spring, summer and fall wedding that will keep you looking stylish while keeping your feet slightly cooler. Sandals are great for all of your future brunches and summer days outside.


Wedding Sandal | Tanya Heath Canada


A bootie or closed toe shoe is perfect for outdoor weddings on rougher terrain where they give you a bit more protection. These shoes will be your best friend and you can wear them at any occasion and during any season!


Wedding Bootie | Tanya Heath Canada


When to switch heel styles

In many cases, one style won’t work for all of the different activities you can expect to encounter on your wedding day. If that’s the case, then you might want to consider switching your wedding shoes (or heels) between the ceremony and reception.

A nice sleek stiletto is a great look for your walk down the aisle and always gives you that little extra lift in your step! While they are beautiful and my personal preference, spending the entire day in them can be tiring for your feet and you do not want to be uncomfortable by the end of the night.

Switching out your stilettos for a block heel before your reception relieves some of the pressure on your feet and gives you more stability and support for busting a move on the dance floor all night long! Plus it gives you another option to show your fun side with adding a different twist to the design of the heel!


Bridal Shoes | Tanya Heath Canada


Shopping for an outdoor wedding

Shopping for wedding shoes in Canada means that you need to consider all the different elements and weather events that you may be stepping through.

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony on a dock overlooking a lake, at your grandparents farm in the fields, or in an enchanted forest, you should be looking into wearing a block heel. Having a larger base on your heel prevents you from sinking into the ground and keeps you more stabilized over the uneven terrain. A closed toe shoe, a pump, or a bootie are great for these types of venues. Just switch to your block heels before your outdoor photos so that you don’t sink in!

As a general rule of thumb, try to think through all of the different surfaces you may be walking on during your wedding. If there’s anything that requires some “off roading,” then you’ll likely want to go with wider heeled wedding shoes.

Investing in your shoes

The best thing you can do for yourself is to invest in a good pair of shoes! Your shoes need to be comfortable for the whole day, but why buy a pair only for that one day when you could relive that day every time you wear your gorgeous shoes?

When your shoes give you the flexibility of changing the heels to have different looks, you can take your shoe from your wedding day to your workday and every day in between. Throw on a hot pink stiletto for a girls night out, a short pump or kitten heel for your work day or a tall pump for your shopping all the while wearing the shoes that lead you on the path to saying I Do.

Shop bridal shoes from Tanya Heath Canada

If you’re looking for that perfect balance between style and practicality, then we encourage you to take a look at the bridal shoes and removable heels at Tanya Heath Canada!

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