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Interchangeable Heels: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Posted by Meghan Lavergne on
Interchangeable Heels: An Eco-Friendly Choice

Now, if you’ve been following along, and read the last blog post about why you should buy shoes with removable heels, you will have heard me talk about the many reasons that shoes with interchangeable heels are a great investment. But let’s get deeper into one of the reasons that is such a big topic these days.

Environmental sustainability is a big topic these days. No person or industry is getting away from the discussion (nor should they). In our opinion: why would you not choose to help the planet we live on? It just makes sense to live, and shop, in such a way that protects and helps our planet thrive for future generations.

The fashion industry is, thankfully, making progress on this front. With more sustainable sourcing, more planet-friendly products, and better materials used in the design process, our craft is slowly moving in the direction of environmental sustainability.

This philosophy is at the core of who we are at Tanya Heath.

Let’s talk about why our shoes with interchangeable heels are the best choice for the environmentally-conscious shoe shopper.

Eco-friendly shoes with interchangeable heels

As I’ve mentioned before, these shoes are made in Portugal and the heels are made in France. We are extremely proud of this point so I like to say it as often as possible.

Buying your clothes, and shoes, from a reputable designer, who uses best practices and ethical production is one of the best ways to help support a small business, while also helping the environment. These businesses are more likely to use sustainable methods, and they are more likely to ensure that their environmental footprint does the least environmental damage possible.

Ethically-sourced leather

Tanya uses only the finest French, Italian and Spanish leathers. She does this to ensure that her suppliers adhere to European environmental standards.

It goes without saying that she only uses leathers from animals that are part of the food chain, meaning she will not use leathers from animals that have been bread solely for their skins.

Tanya is also deeply committed to offering quality footwear to people who refuse to wear animal-based products, and has recently launched a small but growing line of vegan footwear.

Interchangeable heels that are made to last

When we look at the shoes themselves, we lessen our environmental impact even further by the fact that our goal is not consumerism for the sheer fact of higher sales. And this priority is firmly backed up by the quality of the shoes with interchangeable heels that we sell.

Tanya Heath shoes and heels are made to last. If you see Tanya in any interview, she explains this well. They can be worn every day, they take all of our weight, and they’re designed to last.

There is a great deal of wear and tear on any shoe a woman wears. That’s why our shoes are designed and created with the purpose of lasting for many years. The materials are beautiful but strong, the construction is exemplary, and they are extremely comfortable.

This isn’t a shoe you buy for the sole reason that you love the look. Don’t get me wrong, they’re gorgeous. But you also get to feel good about your purchase, like you are making a difference, because you’re supporting a business you can know personally. You’re not buying something that will break within a year. You’re buying something that will change with you and your style.

Absolutely, there are many pairs of shoes to choose from that can make it difficult to decide. But simply add another removable heel to your collection and you will have an entirely new look.

Shop shoes with interchangeable heels now

So if you don’t have your own pair of Tanya Heath shoes yet, we highly encourage you to try them. You will not be disappointed! Check our selection of shoes with interchangeable heels now!

And if you are a part of our shoe family already, then check out the newest selection of heel fashions coming out for the spring season!

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