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How to Pick the Right Bridal Shoe (with Suggestions)

Posted by Meghan Lavergne on
How to Pick the Right Bridal Shoe (with Suggestions)

There are so many things you’ll need to plan for your wedding. One of the most important is picking what to wear. With lots of options for gowns, suits, jumpsuits, the sky is the limit for meeting your style preferences and finding the perfect outfit for your wedding. Then you also have to find the perfect pair of bridal shoes to wear as well.

With so many options to choose from, how do you know that you’re making the right decision? This guide will help you choose the right bridal shoe, and share some key considerations you should be aware of.

Common advice for picking bridal shoes

If you do a quick search around the internet, you’ll quickly see a lot of different advice for how to pick the perfect wedding shoes.

Among the most common pieces of advice are:

  • Find your dress first
  • Research options in advance
  • Stick to your style
  • Consider your venue
  • Prioritize comfort

This is all sound advice, but it’s not a one-size-fits all approach to bridal shoe shopping. Depending on your wedding venue, style, and dress, it might not be possible to find that one perfect shoe that checks off all the boxes.

The result? Brides usually end up buying more than one pair of wedding shoes to cover both style and comfort.

Changing weddings shoes is the norm (it doesn’t have to be)

As you can probably image, we’ve heard many brides over the years say that they’re going to change out of their fancy wedding shoes after the ceremony. That means that the bride has to buy two pairs of shoes for an event where you are typically trying to stick to a budget!

Not only that, but brides usually chose a beautiful pair of bridal shoes to go with their gown. They’re excited to wear them and show them off in pictures and to their family. So why do some many brides choose to wear their beautiful wedding shoes for such a short period of time?

Go back to the checklist earlier in this article. Unfortunately, it can be very heard to find a shoe that meets all your needs.

While many wedding shoes are beautiful, a lot of them are simply too uncomfortable to wear for a full day of celebrating and dancing. That’s especially true if you’re wearing stilettos (ouch!). Depending on your climate and time of year, it might also not be possible to find a shoe and heel style than is warm enough for the ceremony.

One solution to this power struggle between style, comfort, and practicality is to buy shoes with removable heels. These allow you to wear the shoes that you love, but get the comfort you need for a long and enjoyable wedding day.

Tanya Heath shoes to the rescue

With a sandal, pump, or boot from Tanya Heath you have the absolute best of both worlds. These removable heels are a great option for wedding shoes in Canada if you’re looking for the perfect balance of style and comfort.

You can wear the gorgeous Francois stiletto for an inside wedding or the incredible Denis block heel for an outdoor wedding. Get your extra height and fashion in for the ceremony and pictures. Then change your heel for the reception so you can party, and dance, while be a little bit more comfortable for the rest of the evening!

Bridal Shoes - Francois Stiletto - Tanya Heath Canada          

There are so many options to choose from for the perfect bridal shoe from Tanya Heath.

Tanya Heath bridal shoe options

Deyi in white is the most popular option for a traditional bridal shoe.

Bridal Shoes - Deyi Sandal - Tanya Heath Canada

Lada is a new, daintier and strapier sandal that Tanya Heath just released this year.

Bridal Shoes - Lada Sandal - Tanya Heath Canada

Adele in navy is an incredibly comfortable short boot that will work with you for every season in Canada and can be a wonderful accessory boot for your wedding.

Bridal Shoes - Maria Open Toe Shoe - Tanya Heath Canada

Maria in cobalt is honestly so soft you could wear them as slippers, and they would look beautiful as a pop of colour in a spring or summer wedding.

Bridal Shoes - Adele Boot - Tanya Heath Canada

Valerie is a light pink pump that provides more of a traditional pretty look that perfectly compliments your gown, and can be worn to the office or dinner.

Bridal Shoes - Valerie Pump - Tanya Heath Canada

There is a tonne of options for wedding shoes at Tanya Heath. Versatility and customization are the names of the game here.

You can go versatile and trendy by choosing a short boot or closed-toe shoe with a pop of colour in the heel. That way you can invest in a beautiful pair of Tanya Heath shoes, and the necessary heels for your wedding day, and then keep that shoe or boot as part of your everyday wardrobe.

Or, you can choose a more traditional bridal shoe and heel combination from Tanya Heath that you can easily switch out as your wedding day progresses. The choice is yours!

Choosing to invest in a great pair of shoes always makes sense. But making these shoes a part of your wedding will give you the comfort, style, and heel change you need to enjoy the entire day. Not to mention it’s also a wonderful way to carry the memories of that day with you every time you put your shoes on afterwards.

Shop Tanya Heath bridal shoes now!

Head over to the eShop now to shop for bridal shoes and removable heels from Tanya Heath Canada. Or, book an appointment with us to come see the shoes with removable heels in person!

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